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then back rocks left then right, while leading the follow into a back rock on their right and left for an eight count. Open position - - Lead holds the opposite hand of the follow, left to right, right to left. Rueda Patterns - Level Three edit A Bayamo en Coche - - Starts with setenta complicado, but don't let go of the right hand when pulling the follow behind and put them into a locked elbow on the lead's left on 1,2,3. Sacala - - Lead the follow into the centre of the circle and back out. Siete con Moderno - - Like siete, put your left hand into the circle but before the follow spins all the way out, flick the hand and grab the follow's left hand and put your right hand on the follow's back to stop the follow. The leads move clockwise and the follows walk counter-clockwise. As they back under the arms, they switch the hands of the follows with their raised right hands. Dame con Estilo - (1) While in a left to right hand hold, lead the follow into the circle on 1,2 and spin back out on 3, then walk back out on 5, 6,7. Hey there salsa folk, Still a long time since last update, I should work. Al Directo Doble - - Like Al Directo, upon clapping the hands on 5 of the next follow, the lead spins to the right going past and connects with the next follow. Then turn her back and turn yourself left. Uno (one) - - Switch hands, leaders switches position 4 times behind the follower, then the leader prepares and executes a complete inside turn, followed by a Dile que. Dip that a lot of us perform lacking the right technique. Then end in a sombrero facing into the circle. Pan Cortado (group move) - Start with Sombero hand hold and the lead gets into a hammer lock (first eight count) gratis by pulling the lead all the way around ending up with them on their left, keeping the right hand low and the left hand. Follows mirror the lead, tapping left, right, step left, cross and tap left, right, then back. I will upload there worth while posts. Drop the hands low, then turn toward the follow your right and duck back under the arm and the lead should be in a hammer lock at this point. Enchufla Doble - - Stop the follow on 5,6,7, then do another enchufla. Then back-break, and pull the follow around until they are facing outward, and hook both arms in. Then lead the follow until the lead is facing upstream (counter-clockwise). On 1,2,3, the lead taps with left foot while leaning outward holding left arm.

Youtube rueda de casino moves

La Havana Starts with a two handed enchufla with check. The follow then spins clockwise. A caller, when the follow is standing in youtube rueda de casino moves youtube rueda de casino moves front facing into the circle. Once the lead has ducked under.

General The, rueda de, casino is a Cuban group dance.It is danced on lively, up-beat, salsa music.

Youtube rueda de casino moves

The trick here is to rotate locked with the follow 180 degrees. Then stomp left and right again and clap two times. S right hand on montabaur the leadapos, drop the arms down, then. Spin the follow from the right to the left and with the left hand. On the next eight count, the lead then goes onto the next follow upstream and does a cross body lead back to neutral.


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Arcoiris - - Start like setenta and walk the follow around, then step in front with right hand.The enchufla is only done if an enchufla complicado is not called.Vacilala con bum bum ba - - Starts like Vacilala the follow ends up looking into the center of the circle and lead, slightly to the left, looking out.”