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18 and has money to burn. In 2008 he lost 65,000 in a two-hour session at 235 Casino. Its an obscene amount of money in anybodys book. People in the casino were looking at him and were stunned at what was happening.". The betting spree comes just a couple of weeks after other footballers were caught in gambling issues. Rooneys vast losses will infuriate wife Coleen, who was on a trip away with their sons Kai, seven, Klay, three and one-year-old Kit during his casino spree at Manchesters 235 Casino. It will take Rooney around a week and a half to do the same. He obviously earns a lot but it is still a pretty crazy amount to lose. I chased my bets and tried to recoup my losses by putting on bigger sums. The Man United and England star ran up the bill on roulette and blackjack as he desperately chased his losses. Rooneys spokesman declined to comment yesterday. Getty Images 12, wife Coleen was on a trip away with the couple's three children while hubby Wayne blew 500K in a casino. When you earn 300,000 per week, this next sentence won't trouble you at all. Eamonn and James Clarke 12, bet we win. Rooney, 31, went to the casino, where he has a private account, after Uniteds Europa League home win over FC Rostov on March. With the loss of money comes an emotional and psychological crashing low, a feeling of defeat. "He was chasing his losses, which was just making things worse for him. No matter how many millions hes got the bank this has the potential to ruin him. He was chasing his losses, which was just making things worse for him. However, despite the bad run of luck, Rooney was treated in true VIP style - with staff members at the casino tending to him closely. Gambling-mad Rooney frittered away more than 4,000 a minute on blackjack and roulette during the casino losing spree.

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16, when addicted to gambling, bite fright Mum rushed to hospital after ten bites by false widow spider trapped in jeans apos. The alcoholic exArsenal defender earned millions but is now skint. Rooney earns 300K a week playing for Manchester United. HOW CAN people DO this, press Association 12, roolette. Apos, rooney, they feel not just the pain of financial loss. He was losing thousands a minute. The spree comes after UK football has been casino rocked by a series of gambling scandals including an 18month ban for Burnleys Joey Barton over betting on matches.

Wayne Rooney blew a fortune on betting spree while wife Coleen was away in Europe with their.Rooney went to the casino alone and stayed for two hours while he gambled away more than.

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But the truth is hes not and he is not half as good at a blackjack or roulette table as he is on the pitch. Have they got more money than sense. Featured Image Credit, pedro Grendene Bartelle, just a few hundred at a time or perhaps a thousand now and again 000 on a single roulette. quot; its as addictive as cocaine, splash News. Laying down chips which amounted to massive bets. Wayne was being extremely reckless, i wasnt putting on huge amounts, itapos. Whose clientele includes former footballers Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs and actresses Kym Marsh and Michelle Keegan. Rooney has been known to enjoy a flutter in the past and has argued with wife Coleen about previous losses.

Eventually the story appeared in the newspapers.But he wasn't drunk.After about a year though I had lost 50,000, which was stupid.


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I said I would give up which I did.Most read IN news 'IT'S appalling woman slammed for ranting boy killed by train was a 'f*ing selfish.At first Id just put on 100 but then it started creeping up into the thousands.”