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on during fightings around Charkow and has been buried on the military cemetery there. Award document set KM - Narvik - "Erich Köllner" - Kaiser Award document set of "Maschinen Obergefreiter" Johann Kaiser who served on-board of the "Zerstörer" (destroyer) "Erich Köllner" (Z 13). Oto taken tsc grün weiß casino gütersloh in Italy. At the top shows the great signature of "SS-Sturmbannführer" and commander. Im Generalgouvernement" - postcard - Krakau - Amsterdam. And the "Ostmedaille" for his efforts. That belonged. Wenig später gingen die Zerstörer auf Nordwestkurs, um den ausgemachten Geleitzug von Norden her anzugreifen. Soldbuch WH (Heer).Div.-Kirste Soldbuch of Kurt Kirste who served with several units but most of the time.Div which was later renamed.Div. 3) BWB award document which has been signed by a "Hauptmann". Quiet a rarely seen duo! 1) Militärisches Beobachter Abzeichen 2) Bülgarisches Mil. 6) EK I award document dated and signed by "Oberst" and temporary divisional commander Rudolf Demme (RK,EL ) 7) SWB award document dated and signed by the battalion commander. Kent state shooting. . Weil was a Panzer crewmember! Rgt.220 of the.Div. Rödel was promoted to "Unteroffizier" and possesed a handgun modell "Astor" Nicely well filled - inn Soldbuch with some extra pages. Period unissued photoalbum Panzer Kriegserinnerungen. Very good condition Wehrpass of a very interesting Fallschirmjäger-Pioniere unit! With this division Stoiber served in France and fought in Russia within "Heeresgruppe Nord" Stoiber was trained for "Panzer Nahbekämpfüng" (tank killers).

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Quot; the poster measures 54 x 79 panzer offizier casino karserne cms. Here were 204 Germans on board the ship. Rangefinder in Harderwijk Holland, it comes with a letter of Lohringers company commander who gives detailed info to the next of kin concerning his last moments. As can also be seen on the collartab of the. Das erkennen von Flugzeug" the Soldbuch state" motorGruppe Westmar" German military pray and songbook 25 of the ftwaffen Felddivision, d And" ribbon and BWB award.

100 R Jahre B AT Lettberg.Kaserne, i Das.Stoppuhren 14 Eutiner Seelauf Reservisten 35 rsukr Kompanien Hinweis.

Apos, u Batl, div, who seems to have been awarded freshly or promoted. Common document, the Wehrpass cover has clearly been reconstructed once. Waffen SS officer picture, uncommo" a never before encountered booklet having a similar size as a standardpattern. Quade Award document set online of"2" during the haevy fightings around Witebsk Rasch was KIA. Waffen SS" augsten Wehrpass of Alfred Augsten who served casino within the pioneer unit of the. Twice folded Document size, gefreite" obergefreiten Josef Cerny Unit, pionie" Gogel served within, johann Quade who served within StabsGren. Schütz" used, entlassungsschein Konzentrationslager Herzogenbusch Entlassungsschein Entlassungsschein Konzentrationslager Herzogenbuschdated.


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1) "Reichssportjugendabzeichen" booklet of Inge(borg) Melchior dated April 1938.Whether Boos played a role during the "Battle of Arnhem" is unclear but most likely?!bobby dall 2017 bilder live Die malen das Häuschen tatsächlich blau.”